World championship system - Overview

Introduction to the system

  • - The world championship system is designed for making predictions of the whole 2014 Formula 1 season
  • - 4 sets predictions are required throughout the season
  • - Predictions to be made are:
    1. Top 10 drivers in the drivers world championship standings
    2. Top 5 constructors in the constructors world championship standings
  • - The deadlines are roughly set before each quarter of the season, and exact deadlines can be found below
  • - Points are rewarded for the correctness of each prediction
  • - The overall winner will be the competitor with the most points at the end of the season, and will get a prize
  • - Stars (Star award) will also be awarded to:
    1. The competitor who scores the most points in each set of predictions
    2. The competitor who earned the highest points from their driver's predictions, at the end of the season
    3. The competitor who earned the highest points from their constructor's predictions, at the end of the season
  • - Players can trade stars for prizes at the end of the season if they accumulate enough. Stars carry over to next season
I found myself being much more interested in the results of the teams I do not support, and wanting them to do well so that I would score more points ... Fred

How to play

Getting started with the World Championship system is easy:

  1. Sign up to the site here to open a FREE account with us. Not done
  2. Follow the instructions to verify your email address (Problems? See our FAQ article here) Not done
  3. Join the World Championship (WC) system here Not done

Further details of the system

The following predictions are to be made:

  • - The driver's occupying the top ten positions in the drivers championship for the 2014 season
  • - The constructor's occupying the top five positions in the constructors championship for the 2014 season

This system requires 4 sets of predictions to be made at the following points in the season:

  • - Prediction 1 - Before the qualifying session of the first race weekend (15/03/2014 at 06:00:00)
  • - Prediction 2 - Before the qualifying session of the fourth race weekend (10/05/2014 at 13:00:00)
  • - Prediction 3 - Before the qualifying session of the ninth race weekend (19/07/2014 at 13:00:00)
  • - Prediction 4 - Before the qualifying session of the fourteenth race weekend (04/10/2014 at 06:00:00)

Each set of predictions shall be compared to the final championship tables, and points will be awarded based on the correctness of the predictions made. The points shall be awarded as a maximum of ten points for a prediction which agrees exactly with the result. A point will be subtracted from this maximum value for each place the prediction is away from the result. So for example, a prediction of a driver to finish third in the world championship, would result in ten points if the driver finished exactly third. Nine points if the driver finished fourth or second, eight for fifth or first, seven for sixth etc. The same scoring is applied to the constructor's predictions.

In addition to this scoring, each set of prediction made (of a total of 4) at various points in the season shall contribute a different amount to the overall score. This means that predictions made earlier in the season (more difficult) will be worth more than those made at the end of the season where it may be clear who is going to win. The first set of scores will be multiplied by 8, the second set by 4 the third set by 2 and the final set will not be scaled.

Brand new for this year is the introduction of the star award (Star award) system. If you sign up for any system, you will automatically play this too, you don't need to do anything else. This is a system designed to reward certain successes within the predictions system. For the WC system, these successes are as follows:

  • - Highest points scored from drivers predictions
  • - Highest points scored from constructors predictions
  • - Highest points scored from each of the 4 required predictions

That means a total of six stars are available for the WC system. Ultimately these stars will be trade-able for prizes, providing enough have been acquired by a user, and at the end of the season. The stars will also carry over through the seasons. This means that if you sign up late, you may still be able to win prizes. So if you are late with your sign up, there's no reason to wait until next year, just sign up and star gaining stars.


This page provides a summary of the system operation only. Full regulations can be found on the regulations page here. All content on this page is super-seeded by this regulations page, and it is the content of the regulations page that must be accepted prior to taking part in this competition.
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